Hi. I'm Jer Roque, pianist & arranger. When I arrange a song, I always transcribe the melody and write out the chords to understand the song better. I've done this a lot over years, and I've decided to share some of these transcriptions with you.

I do my best to write each lead sheet as accurately as possible with the proper notes, chords, and rhythms from a theory perspective so that each lead sheet is easily readable while remaining true to the original composition. There are some liberties taken with chord extensions, as well as small melodic adjustments in some songs. Most transcriptions are in the original key of the song's original release.

I hope you enjoy these lead sheets, and that they better your understanding of the music you enjoy. If you have any questions, comments, requests, or even corrections, you can contact me .

Starting in February 2017, I'll try to release a new lead sheet once a week. Clearly, I'm not doing so well with that.

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